Friday, April 17, 2009

Lexapro Diaries - Day 4

Day 4- I had more energy today, though dragging myself to work was still a pill (*snicker*). I just don't like leaving my house, though, so whatever I am leaving for has to be darn good. I like to walk, I like to go boarding, I like to go to the park and sit in the grass and feel the breeze caressing my skin, but I despise having to leave for too many other reasons, grocery shopping, appointments, anythign at all, really. I am just happiest in my little house, puttering or working or writing, or doing nothing at all.

On the more energy front, I made dinner, AFTER working, AND cleaned it all up, which, honestly, I have been too lethargic to do lately. It was one or the other, for a while. I felt less anxious, and definitely less irritable.

Hmm, boring, huh?