Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gratitude - Day 2

Brightest Easter blessings!

Today I am grateful for so many things!

~It was so much fun to watch kidkins searching for brightly colored eggs. We had to stay indoors, for although there are three hundred days a year of sunshine in Colorado, this Easter morning was not one of them!

~A friend at the tarot forum I frequent had a set available I have much wanted for a long while. Now I have a little treat to look forward to in the mail, which must be a favorite past time of mine!

~The children ate with their other family, so a bowl of Cookie Crisp sufficed for me while I read The Witching Hour by Anne Rice, two of my favorite things. I have always loved that book by her. It may be my favorite of hers, though I did not much care for the rest of the series. I am like a little kid with cereal, too, the more sugary the better, although you can't really make it too unhealthy.

~I no longer have to get up at 4am for work. My new work schedule will actually allow me so much more free time, and I am eager to fill that up with studying, playing with kidlettes, cooking, and baking.

~I am so awed and amazed to live in a world that has such a Savior as the man who died on the cross, then defeated death. I don't have the words to adequately describe what this miracle means to me, but I am grateful.