Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Better Today

I am feeling better today, though my poor intestinal track is tore up from the floor up.

I am avoiding my problems at work by not going, which I realize is a flawed plan because eventually I will run out of money, actually sooner rather than later, but I am tired of being hated for doing what I am told to do, and I am tired of He Who Shall Not Be Named flat out lying about what has gone on.  (I don't care that you are a cokehead, honey, and I am not gonna tell anyone.  You might want to wipe a little better when you come out of the restroom, though, and I don't mean your ass.)

Assuming my tore up intestinal track cooperates, I am going to get some good work done around the house.

Little Big Man busted up his arm playing football, getting tackled/fallen upon (having seen the beefcake in question, I lean toward the latter) by a rather large child, and he was being so tough about it, Fixxxer asked if his only weakness is kryptonite.  LBM responded, "No, fat kids are my only nemesis."  He is a funny little dude, and all apologies if you either are a fat kid, were, or are raising one.  As a former fat kid myself, I realize that this entire paragraph is falling on the line of appropriate, and likely breaking its' arm.  However, they can be hell on little dudes, but LBM has resolved that he has to get quicker, on the very good logic that in order to not get fallen on by fat kids you should be able to run faster than them.

Floppy Hair has managed to not steal anymore of his brother's baby dose Vicodin, a feat for which he assumes he should be praised.  I am to the point of taking what I can get with that child.

The rain continues, and some giant douchebag to remain nameless left the door in his room open, and it made the whole house freezing, as well as likely ruining the carpet.  Look, homeslice, I realize you are a sweaty bastard, but it's 40 effing degrees outside.

All in all, it's been a lazy day.  Which I approve of.