Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lexapro Diaries - Day 21

Day 21- Nothing interesting enough has really been happening on the medication front. I was moved up to double the dose I began with. I do not seem to be suffering too many side effects, but for that dreaded one, and I am not testing that theory yet.

I still HATE the idea that I have to take a pill to "be normal". Everyone else manages to manage their life just fine, but I need outside help, and that rankles.

I have been sleeping a lot, going back to sleep after kidkins go to school, taking naps when I get home from work, but I probably need it. I work hard, physically, and school really took a toll on me this semester. The sleeping could be a side effect of the medication, but honestly, it is nice to sleep peacefully for once. It has been months, maybe even years, since I have slept well, and I did not know how precious it was until I didn't have it anymore.